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Who is Who in Montenegro
Android aplikacija (program)

Autor: BluEgg OU

Paket: com.bluegg.wiwimontenegro

Kategorija: Produktivnost

Ocena: 5

Preuzimanja: 100

Grupa: Crna Gora

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Opis programa:

If you live in Montenegro, you will certainly be useful to the mobile application "Who is Who in Montenegro".

The application contains business cards from professionals and entrepreneurs living in Montenegro.

To start using, sign up using Facebook or email. After that, you can search for artists in a convenient directory by topic or by keyword.

When searching for artists, specify the search radius - from your location. The application allows you to search within a radius of 300 kilometers. If you are geographically outside of this radius, for example, not in Montenegro, but in another country, you will not be able to use the application.

If you want to find new customers and customers, add your business card to the catalog. It is free and takes 2 minutes. Please use your real name and contacts, and when filling in the field about yourself - think of it as keywords, each word in this field will become a tag by which you can be found in the search.

Zadnje izmene:

Added the ability for all users to see business cards created in different languages.

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Cena: Besplatno

Veličina: 6,9M

Glasova: 6

Verzija: 5.0