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People's Money
Android aplikacija (program)

Autor: New look entertainment doo


Kategorija: Knjige

Ocena: 0

Preuzimanja: 0

Grupa: Srpske Android aplikacije

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Opis programa:

In summer 1998 President of Serbia Slobodan Milosevic promotes vice governor of Central Bank, Rebic, to vice premier. After failure of peace conference in Rambouillet, France, Rebic goes to Cyprus and with the help of certain offshore bank organizes illegal transfer of 10 billion US-dollars from Serbian Central Bank and dispersion of that money to huge number of smaller accounts, following orders of President. To this day, money remains untouched in unknown bank, despite the efforts of Minister of Justice of Serbia and new Governor of Central Bank.
Fifteen years latter, someone murders recently retired Chief Prosecutor of Great Britain, Broderick, in his London home. His biggest failure is case of alleged suicide of David Kelly. Kelly is key figure in Britain’s decision to go to war in Iraq and many in Britain connect his death with hush-hush activities of Government at the time (Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell).
They find plenty of evidences and indications that Broderick murder is necessary to preserve the secret of Kelly’s death. However, at the end, it turns to be that this and other murders are committed by one Serbian secret agent and deputy of late prosecutor in their quest after long forgotten money.

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Cena: 4,99 US$

Veličina: 2,3M

Glasova: 0

Verzija: 1.0